We were driving along on a city street and I noticed this, so I made a quick turn, and stopped to marvel at, and snap a photo of, the confluence of warnings that the three signs formed.

A metaphoric sign of looming problems?

The LinkedIn tie-in, you wonder?

If you start renovating your profile and stop midstream, you send a mixed and erroneous message of lack of attention to detail.

If you tolerate typos or grammar issues, you will be judged, and not well.

If you leave out a major career story chapter, you break the narrative and the reader is confused, and likely leaves your profile, never to return.

If you allow your profile to petrify with no continuous news, updates, posts, articles, recommendations, or comments (and do go well beyond simpleton “likes” please!), you risk being locked in a time warp, seeming to be a LinkedInsaurus.

People read the signs you leave, knowingly or unknowingly.

Be sure they fall in love and stay in love with you. No stopping. No dead ends.