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Back to Basics: Canva rocks!

Colorful People

Go there. Open a free account. Play around.

It’s fun and if the spark of creativity in you is screaming to be released, you had better set a timer, else become lost in it and forfeit a few hours without realizing it.

I pride myself on the graphics I add to these blog posts. I work hard to find free ones and use them to better illustrate my points.

Canva allow me many thousands more to use, and to manipulate them in ways I never could before. Bonus!

So I am still learning via the tutorials how to use Canva.

I suggest you try Canva too for the next graphic on a LinkedIn long-form article, or a slide deck, or advertisement you need, or to illustrate a written piece, as I have designed above–in exactly 2 minutes…

And as previously mentioned here, it’s a great source of unique LinkedIn banners too!

Enjoy! Illustrate!