dreams hope

A colleague launched his new business and hung out a shingle. A consulting business for other businesspeople seeking a better job.

He is full of dreams and hopes, now with 2 clients already, but with more to come, no doubt.

So when I reviewed his LinkedIn profile to see how he shows this second business he is operating alongside his day job, I was confounded.

No mention!

Fatherly advice from me:

  1. if the new business is missing on his LinkedIn profile, he will not be found in the search function,
  2. show both website URLs and both phone numbers in the contact details section for connections to the right place,
  3. he will not make the cut if referred by another business professional who then uses LinkedIn to see his profile, only to be confused that nothing is mentioned of this new venture.

Two sides of the same person. Two aspects of the same well-developed expertise.

Tell us how it makes sense so we grasp the concept and contact the right person.

Please tell us on LinkedIn or we won’t know.