Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“I don’t do social media”

caveman.jpgFor our coaching session, this was the first thing out of his mouth.

Luckily, I was consulting for a firm and his myopia needed to be changed to bring him in synch with the rest of the firm and its vision.

Hence, I was hired to work on his, and others’, attitudes about self marketing on LinkedIn as their chosen branding social media.

My head started whirling with retorts:

  • Uh, hello, what century are we in?
  • Do you have more business than you will ever need?
  • Can you be sure your funnel will always be full, even in an economic downturn?
  • A sea change in your industry’s technology that leaves you with a dwindling market?
  • A brilliant competitor who finds a way to remove all the wind form your business sails?

I was professional; eventually after some consolation, he saw my PV and adhered to the firm’s intent.

Said here before, be ready for anything.

Evolution is here.

Be self brand marketing. Be social. Be sharing. Be visible.

Do the heavy lifting now.

On LinkedIn.



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