Today's LinkedIn Nugget

{Brakes screech}! You forgot a major chapter in your career profile!

brakesMore than one attorney I have worked with forgot to list their law school degree in their LinkedIn profile Education section.

In one case, when I advised him of this oversight, he quickly patched over it with “I must’ve written my profile while I was in law school.”

There’re those brakes screeching again!

Judging from his age, there was no LinkedIn when he went to law school,

I looked him in the eye and said, “No cigar. That’s not convincing me.”

He gleamed back at me, knowing I caught him and we agreed it’s a really good time to add his graduate education, right now.

But first, I advised him he had better set the advice switch to “off.” I covered this before on this blog in a past installment (which covered job positions but the same goes for education). That way no one gets a notification that he just added it, years after the fact.

That was just one of many renovations he needed to make, and he accepted all with aplomb. The devil is in the details, right? In this case, it’s in the details of the main chapters of his career. Details he is routinely hired to take care of for others. Uh oh.

Maybe you included all your education, but perhaps you left out an important aspect of a job you once held, something you really need to tell us about.

Be detail-driven when telling your career narrative, please.


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