Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Moving the needle

compass-needleSome changes on LinkedIn profiles are dramatic, some too subtle.

Some are lazy: cut-and-paste jobs from the person’s website bio. Lawyers: listen up. You know who you are…I saw you took the easy way to fill in your LinkedIn profile, and you thought I wouldn’t notice…It’s just not enough.

Make the bio, in its dry and pre-ordained format, the skeleton, and LinkedIn the meat on the bones to round out your career story. Be yourself on the profile. Move the needle in your direction.

Be interesting. Be proud of accomplishments you have in your past, even if you are not sure anyone cares, or it was too long ago. WE do and we realize that it’s all you.

We want to know if we are considering you for the work. You have to tell us. If you don’t, we will never know, as I always tell my clients.

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