paSSION ekg

A new article speaks about passion in your work. It’s worth a read, especially if you are “stuck,” bored, or clamor for a change.

I was bored, angry, frustrated. I struck out on my own, and now 3 businesses consume my passion. My tagline: “We exceed expectations” pretty much wraps it up.

So I will pose a few questions to you:

  • Where do you find your passion? Is there something you can do within your passion and earn enough in your daily business as an entrepreneur?
  • Are you not ready to rely on your passionate pursuit for your full-time employment, but are percolating a side business in hopes of making this the end result?
  • Have you found that passion, and you perform it every day as a chapter in your career story?
  • Have you left one passionate pursuit and are chasing another as an encore career?

For all four of the above, tell us your “why,” passionately, on your LinkedIn profile.

Start in the headline, expand a bit more to the About section, then more fully expose your passion to the reader of your Experience segment that deals with that pursuit of your passion.

Tell us.

Don’t be shy.

If it’s your passion, I am giving you license to be expressive and excited in your profile. Professionally at the same time.