Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“Don’t make me do it!”


Yes, that’s me on the left.

The title is what is written on the faces of some clients when they hear they have to work hard to make their LinkedIn profile amazing-er than they are themselves.

They resist, reschedule, argue, and eventually they relent, understanding that they need to do this themselves, not the easy way of me writing it for them, which I would never do.

But I have to persist, firmly yet professionally. An article appeared in the New York Times recently that helped me think about the best ways to approach my clients. I am pleased to say I do all of these but honest enough to admit I can always do them better.

I may just send it to clients too since it’s a 2-way street: me 51% and them the rest.

And I am pleased to say that 99% of them become new friends, referral sources, and business colleagues.

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