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Legally #LinkedIn

legally linkedinI enjoy working with law firms of all sizes to improve their brand marketing to the business commmunity and what better place is there to do so than on LinkedIn?!

I have been working with a law firm now 5 months to bring all the partners, counsel, associates, and some staff together to better reflect on their LinkedIn profiles and mirror the firm’s hard-earned reputation.

It’s a challenge to convince some (very small percentage) and a pleasure as we tighten the focus on the profiles of the most tech-savvy of the group.

The Marketing Department is heeding my advice and brings me more to think about and resolve, with their input. Team effort as a consultant is the eye on the prize.

All good things must come to an end, I realize.

Do you know a law firm of any size (the bigger the better!) that needs my insights and knowledge? Thanks in advance for the referral.

And as an aside, this winter I will start working on the second edition of my Amercian Bar Association book. So much has changed!


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