Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Milestones are for celebrating!

1500thWhen I started this blog in earnest and began to publish here each weekday in 2014, I swore I would post something useful for others, to better decipher this behemoth called LinkedIn.

I tried to remain true to my self-assigned responsibility each business weekday since, culminating with this, my 1500th blog post today.

And I shall continue to opine.

I hope you will continue to rely on me to provide insight and in doing so, absorb a sip of my special sauce and personal philosophy about how to tame this LinkedIn beast, and make it work for you.

Thanks to guest bloggers of the past. Thanks to you for reading, commenting, sharing, and inspiring me to write these posts.

Onward to 1500 more!

So I will continue to ask: why do you do what you do?

I think you know my answer to that….

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