Yes, we are all racing and churning and bursting from overload. I am too. But IMHO LinkedIn deserves a bit more effort to use well on both sides of the business equation. Here’re some ideas how:

  • Give us some more time.
  • Give us some extra brain cells’ worth of thought.
  • Give us a nod if you like us after more careful consideration.
  • Give us the polite but firm thumbs-down if you don’t buy into our value proposition.
  • But give us LinkedIn users more attention.
  • Please give us an additional chance.

So, if you came to LinkedIn to shop and you see a few people from whom you want to buy, peruse their LinkedIn profiles thoroughly. It may be your best place to get to know them before you make contact. Not on a website, not another social medium, but on LinkedIn.

Just spend a few more minutes, please.

And: attention LinkedIn profile owner on the other side of that headshot: you had better give it your every effort and best shot just in case someone reading the above lands on your profile to consider you!

Capture their rapt attention, for as long as you can.