armandalegSetting: 2004, late October, the evening, leaves falling….

Scene 1: With a macabre sense of humor, 15 years ago we bought a Halloween prank fake arm and leg–designed to shock–and locked them hanging out of my car trunk, doing so a few years in a row. One year, while my daughter and I drove in the evening to a seminar on college admissions–I still chuckle at this– someone called the cops to report us.

Scene 2: Later that evening the police called to say they had to visit my house to ask a few questions, like if this was my license number and other wasteful usage of tax dollars.

C’mon, no sense of Halloween humor?

It nearly killed my wife when she got the call, saw a cop walking up to the house. Unexpected cause and effect, believe me!

Scene 3: I came home to the icy stares and knew I was in the proverbial doghouse. I still think it was funny, absent the police call and senseless visit, which I never foresaw.

It was Halloween; perhaps the arm and leg were too lifelike. Perhaps the person reporting us was waaaay too impressionable.

Fast forward to 2019, I’d give an arm and leg for the perfect LinkedIn profile to come my way.

Nominate your all-time faves, even if I didn’t have a hand (get it?) in writing them.

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