deadineWe like to be put under pressure, it seems. We need a goal to achieve. “When do I have to send this to you?”

I ask: does working against a deadline, back up to the wall, bring out your best work, or does steady progress towards that goal allow you the time to be circumspect and produce a better end result? Rhetorical, yes.

Your work on LinkedIn, like your other efforts, requires planning, outlining, drafts, thrown away attempts, and final editions. You have put in the work. You sweated just a little bit more to improve your own image, you know it can always be perfected along the line, but for this goal of telling your personal career story, why would you NOT put forth the very best you can? Why undercut your own opportunities?

I am always amazed at the comments I get when coaching even very intelligent, accomplished professionals: “Well, it’s not the best I ever produced,” or “What do you want me to say here?” or “I need your help to polish this a lot more.”

Actually, the third comment is at least a plea for expertise. The first is resigning oneself to mediocrity, the second allowing another person to do the driving.

My advice: work steadily, work when you are freshest and most creative, make several drafts and keep them all, highlighting the best in each and knitting these “best-ofs” together into a tapestry.

You can, no you MUST, do that for yourself.

Not for what I want, but with some help from a coach like me, we can make this more than 51% your effort, and I bring up the rear.

Just meet me more than halfway, please. And not at the last minute.