Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to basics: the big reveal

why_superman_magazineNo, I am not going to reveal something that you do not already know about me on LinkedIn.

You are. Because you held back being yourself in your current profile. Perhaps it’s because you are stuck. You need to work on that.

Then once the fear is overcome, after a large-scale renovation of your LinkedIn profile, after culling through and removing connections you don’t really know, after all that work to make your career story read as interesting as you really are, you need to tell your connections and followers that you have a new profile to show them.

Yes, like a big reveal on those TV home flip shows or after the renovation in home magazines.

Ta-da, you say in effect, have a look at my new profile and let me know what you think,  and if you see a new skill that you really know I possess and have demonstrated directly in my work with you, dear reader of my new profile , please endorse me.  Tell me if you think I could expand on something that you see in me that I am too subjective to offer in my narrative.

A little help from your friends…especially those who know you well enough to tell you what they really think, then take to heart their constructive criticism.

More eyes on the LinkedIn prize: search by others, and exposure to them that you are a viable candidate for that piece of business they may consider you for.

Be open, honest and humble. Tell why.