Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Be what you aspire to be: on encore careers

next stepI have to admit, this article in the NY Times today depressed me.

The 2 quoted interviews were from baby boomers who seem resigned to accept less than they could aspire to as encore careerists.

Yes, ageism is a threat.

But it is up to the candidate to improve his or her own lot and use every tool to shine in the career marketplace.

So what did I do? I looked up the interviewees on LinkedIn.

  1. Dave, you have no LinkedIn profile, at least that I can find via the multivariable search on LinkedIn, so I won’t accept your absence as an excuse for not finding a job more aligned to your needs or capabilities. Do you truly want to do better than driving a car? You have damaged yourself, which is unfortunate to say the least! As I say, if you are not on LinkedIn, you do not exist. How else can we find you and learn more about you? You don’t give us a starting point, so get out of first gear.
  2. Gary, if you are presenting yourself poorly on LinkedIn, it stands to reason you are not finding positions on LinkedIn and other places, which is sadly self-fulfilling. Why? Your LinkedIn reads like a resume; It’s probably is a copy-paste job from your resume. You provide no contact information. Isn’t it a better idea to explain your aims and goals, based on past skills and experiences, thus, enticing the profile reader to know more about you than the boring bullet points and factoids that you can only hope will stick on the proverbial wall, and to be able to easily get a hold of you?

To which I say again, Dave and Gary, make yourselves amazing-er on LinkedIn and attract the reader/hiring manager/recruiter to inquire further about your creds as they read down towards the bottom of your profile, as far as you can interest them. You must do better. Or languish. Or drive a car for a living.

Interviews will be more insightful, you will be more memorable, and you use the powertool called LinkedIn for purposes that you should already be aware of.

Providing you read my blog, or I can coach you….