Today's LinkedIn Nugget

One of the fastest hours in my life

sparklers1Get on a podcast with Alice Aspen March and the sparks fly, in the very best way.

aliceaspenmarchThis great-grandmother is a podcaster, author, speaker, savante, commentator, observer, in sum, an expert in her field(s), and a really warm, embracing, lovely person whom I met at a networking lunch. I’d say that was a good investment of my time!

A couple of weeks later when she asked me to join her as a podcast interviewee on her show “The Attention Factor” I was flattered!

{Yet another reason to get out and in the “mix” is that you never know where great  connections come to you and how they develop!}

I prepped by listening to her last 3 shows (2 of the interviewees I already knew, confirming my belief that all great people already know each other!), sent her my bio, links to my books, ecourses, and blog, and was ready for the fun to ensue.

You cannot help but be electronically hugged by her, and she made me, a LinkedIn nerd, feel like I could pontificate on how to get attention on LinkedIn in a noisy electronic world, my specialty, that happened to dovetail well into her overarching theme of attention in today’s world.

The link to the hour-long podcast is here: Have a listen. The hour felt to me like only 5 minutes had elapsed, I had so much fun! And did we laugh!

Following my own advice, I had posted on LinkedIn that I would be on her podcast before, during and after it was broadcast and permanenetly attached it to my About and Publications sections on my LinkedIn profile. Remember my video about doing this? (I also added it to the About section because it is not job-specific but a good elevator pitch–ok an hourlong elevator pitch–about me general!)

Thanks, Alice, you are an inspiration, a new friend, and and I am proud to include you among my excellent colleagues.