puzzlepiecesI placed an update on LinkedIn with details on a public session I would be doing in a week. Just for the FYI aspect–a marketing marker to my LinkedIn connections, for the sake of being seen as a continuing social media thought leader among my peers.

A few “likes” and then a comment from a colleague I had not seen or spoken to but keep tabs on, with his atta-boy to me:

Wish I was available. How are you????

Well after all these years I didn’t just type back “Fine, having the time of my life.” Nope, I picked up the phone and we chatted for 15 minutes and agreed to grab a coffee soon in the city.

What we really did was rekindle a great relationship and we will refresh it face-to-face.

He will e-introduce me to 2 of his colleagues who may want to learn about what I do and why I do it. We referenced names of people that we know in common, and I stand by my adage “All the good people in the work know each other.”

So you see, a shared item on LinkedIn can revive the older, wiser, and richer relationships.

You just have to be active and in the moment as a network brand marketer.

Use the phone when it makes the most sense as the best tool in your marketing toolbox.

You can do it too.