Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics: there’re seats at my connection table, but you have to earn them

I am always in favor of meeting great people and nurturing a new relationship.

But I do not break proverbial bread with just anyone. I do not welcome strangers to interrupt my conversation with my valued and interested colleagues. And I do not cherish relationships that go nowhere despite my energy and effort.

So once again I am pontificating that a dull, uninformative connection request, no matter how amazing you think you are or a mutual connection says you are, if you don’t intelligently introduce yourself from the starting blocks, don’t ask or try to sit at my table.

I have over 3150 other great colleagues to nurture and you won’t keep up with us if you start that way.

Snarky, huh?

I implore you to be original. Be smart. Be professional in your initial connection contact.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?