Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Wooden or well-polished on LinkedIn?

You put forth your image to the casual and attention-deficit reader.

You choose the best grain to pursue your message.

You refine the impact and apply the final polish to make it shine.

But are you rough around the edges even though you worked on the surface? People notice.

Are you also smooth and is the “feel” pleasant? You have to be tactile.

Did you apply the sealant to clinch the deal? You have to repel damage with a good coating yet be seen clearly through it.

Are you sure you show yourself in the best light? Your profile has to be supremely polished.

And everything you say and gesture on LinkedIn after you perfect your profile counts too.

Apply elbow grease and make your profile a piece of art.

Be well-polished as a eligible and worth business partner. Be yourself.