authenticity-924569_1920If you toss and turn awake in the middle of the night there’s a game show host pitching ads for a life insurance to older people and he promises their price will never go up. Ever.

Around here the cable company has gone toe-to-toe with the major cellphone providers and promises your service price will never go up if you act now. That’s an empty promise since technology prices are going down with time. So I beg to differ. I don’t buy it, literally.

You’ll inevitably get less for the same price into the future. I spoke here about a month ago how a half gallon of ice cream is not a half gallon. I spun that from the POV of telling your entire career story on LinkedIn. I did not mention the added surprise of prices going up; you can count on that. But you get less since inflation ultimately rules and smart packaging makes it look like you are getting just about the same for the same money. But you’re not.

Gasoline is not 29.9 cents a gallon any more. You still get a gallon, but it costs more. Milk and eggs and paper and pens and cars and insurance all cost more than they did a few years ago.

{And as an aside, if you prepay for a premium subscription on LInkedIn for a year, they do not refund you if you need to cut it short (job change that no longer requires that LinkedIn product, etc.)}


So don’t believe everything you read.

But if I read your profile on LinkedIn and I can’t believe what I see, I leave you in the dust. The dust? Oh, that’s free, as much as you want, from me to you.

Be honest and forthright in your LinkedIn profile. No exaggerating or distortion of facts. The truth and nothing but the truth.