podcastI always enjoy being interviewed as a guest #9 on a colleague’s podcast. This was a return visit with my colleague David Shriner-Cahn in his new venture Going Solo.

Following my own instructions (last conveyed to you here in video 3), I dripped it in to my social media a day before it was published, mentioned this segment podcast with a link in a status update to my LinkedIn connections once it broke, then I immediately created a new place to memorialize it in the Publications section on my LinkedIn profile, and further, I later pumped it in my other social media platforms  few days later, and now, here, on my blog: before, during, after.

So should you do similarly when you are quoted someplace, write a new article, publish a book, speak at a conference and upload a short video of your talk, etc.

It’s vital to be “open for business” to show the breadth and depth of your thinking and work. Add the impact of video and audio to human memory and you have a perfect opportunity for others to recognize the quality you bring to the professional arena.

But it’s up to you to show us, and LinkedIn is a primary place to do so.

Tell us so we will know, as I always say.