Today's LinkedIn Nugget

2 canva(s)

c2clogocanvasYou’ve heard me pontificate on the benefits of using graphics to partially tell your narrative career story; in fact, I urge you to use multimedia to accentuate it.

A respected colleague emailed me asking for help with his banner.

When LinkedIn changed from the headshot in the middle to the headshot on the far-left side of the intro card, his logo in his banner, then on the left side, was eclipsed by his photo.

What should he do to fix it?

Well, I wrote about the best graphics platforms for the LinkedIn banner here over a year ago. So this refresher is worth repeating since it may just apply to you.

I offered to help and created 2 canva graphics, hence my wordplay on “canva(s)” in the title of this post: one with his logo centered and the other with his logo right-justified.

Canva made that easy, but as we know anything is easy once you know how to do something. He did not know of canva, and I was happy to help him learn, as an investment in our relationship. 

An illustration, IMHO, of what we all should do more: help each other, and use more meaningful graphics to make an impression on LinkedIn, at the same time.