Today's LinkedIn Nugget

That’s a lot in a little time

hungryI get invitations to seminars, webinars, conference calls, you name it. A lot.

Most have a logical amount of time allocated to a narrow subject. The expert expertly offers to share his/her expertise in hopes you are overwhelmed and don’t want to learn this yourself, but rather share your shekels to buy expert time from him/her to make you look great and produce outstanding results.

I get that business model. I admit, I proffer that too, but to a limited audience or in a narrow subtopic, so when I saw how much I could learn in 90 minutes from an upcoming session that came in an unsolicited email, I had to chuckle, guffaw, and sputter. Four expert speakers, one moderator, and it costs only $299 (really!).

During this 90-minute presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Grow your B2B’s social media audience and improve your overall reach
  • Communicate effectively on each channel so your posts gain traction
  • Leverage LinkedIn to get leads and access to decision makers
  • Use consumer-facing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Build effective dashboards and prove ROI
  • Use LinkedIn Premium, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp
  • Generate leads for sales and marketing teams
  • Manage regulations as they relate to your industry

Wow, all in one gulp, you and the rest of the virtual attendees, slurping it down in 90 minutes. Four speakers and one moderator getting about 20 minutes each to ladle out their vast knowlege, all customized to you. Gasp!

Will you learn anything that you can use? Perhaps, but isn’t this outline of the webinar rather aggressive for 90 minutes?

I expect the speakers will entice, cajole, and appetize you to nibble enough to get hungry and then buy a 90-minute happy meal of social media, soup to nuts. Many will follow the aroma. Few will sit at the table. It’s a numbers game. I don’t care to play.

So in my quest to add maximum value to a specific target audience, I found my differentating role: answerer of burning audience questions, in what is called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

I’ll hold an AMA for baby boomers to best use LinkedIn for their encore career needs 2 weeks from today, on the evening of 23Oct19, in Manhattan at the NYPL’s SIBL location at 34th and Madison, my 3rd AMA there. Ninety minutes, but you run it–you ask me what you want to know, and I answer, with a layer of marketing added that I know works for this audence.

Each AMA at SIBL has been well-regarded, with spillover of latecomers simulcasted into the next room. Often the librarians livestream it so you can attend too, no matter where you live or work.

So baby boomers and older, if you crave real stick-to-your-ribs learning, come challenge me.

I’ll serve up a platter of LinkedIn with my special sauce slathered on it, guaranteed to satisfy your curious appetite. Come hungry.