(This graphic is used with permission of Matt Homann.)

I want to compliment Ruth Carter for her very astute blog piece and thank Matt Homann for his brilliant Venn diagram depicted above.

Yes, it’s aimed at lawyers, but its wisdom is equally applicable to all other professionals as well, IMHO.

It’s pictoral instruction on how to approach writing your bio/CV (and especially your LinkedIn profile too, I may add), for optimal appreciation by your audience.

You are appealing directly to your audience, aren’t you?

Ahem, it’s not about you.

It’s about reeling in prospects who drop by your LinkedIn profile, often stealthily, to engage enough to want to contact you for business possibilities. 

Then, at the intersection of the two spheres, it’s easy for the prospect to get a hold of you, right? Hey, didn’t I tell you that too?

It’s a short blog piece today. This picture is worth a million words.