Elevator-SpeechI read a lot these days about lawyer marketing and branding on social media, and as you may already know, as mentioned here, I am consulting for a law firm to help them further convey the firm’s brand and value on LinkedIn, the business marketplace for their clients and referrers. It’s been a delightful assignment so far and I see real results in the renovated profiles they are composing to better tell about themselves.

So I paid particular attention when this came across my screen. It stops short, IMHO, by talking about what you do; it’s aimed at lawyers, yes, but full of ideas for all of us to intersperse into the About section of our LinkedIn profile.

But before you go to work on your About sections, which is in essence your elevator pitch, watch this YouTube or read this book, by Simon Sinek expounding on his “Start With Why” philosophy. Absorb its wisdom, then inject your new-found freedom to state your “why” in your elevator pitch, improved from the tips in the article and your creativity and honesty.

Now you have the foundation of a great About section, in your words and images: why you do what you do, concise and well thought out.

Do this please?