Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I’m a believer

monkeesDo you remember the Monkees?

Yes, the sixties boy band with a comedy show whose inane plot always produced a new song?

Well one of their 1966 hits you can listen to here, (remade in 1979 by Neil Diamond and again in 2001 for the movie “Shrek”) was titled the same as I chose for this blog post.

I’m a believer all right, in LinkedIn ProFinder, and now that I have identified consulting areas I am interested in, I am receiving more opportunities this past week than this past year, ever since I tweaked my business info section. I refer you back to this blog post for more information about ProFinder.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I advocate that you use and optimize every section of LinkedIn, because you don’t know what part of your career story narrative will “click” with the other person, in the case of ProFinder offering you a gig, or an opportunity to quote on a gig.

Right place, right message. right time also builds business. LinkedIn complements the hidden opportunities you may just be able to monetize, the power tool that it is.