I am patient. OK, sometimes.

OK, not too often when it comes to my outstanding business proposals.

Some get immediate attention: accepted, hurrah, or alas, rejected.

Some proposals sit and sit. It’s my job to keep the embers warm under the decision-maker to move glacially forward.

Often, they asked but something intervened to deflect the momentum and they were not yet deciding, not ready, not in their budget, not in the radar.

But once in a while, they reignite their interest and they return to me for a new proposal, or they return a 1 and 1/2-year-old proposal, signed, out of the blue.

The latter just happened. They admitted they see me on LinkedIn all the time and never forget me and my proposal. That’s another glorious reason to use LinkedIn, to be top-of-mind.

Luckily the proposal rates were still valid, so I am inking them in for November.

I have to let the cows wander home, somehow, someway, sometimes.