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Up close and interpersonal


A few days ago. I attended an opening for a Rodin sculpture exhibit, which started with an art historian discussing his life, techniques, and the impact of one of his best-known works, The Burghers of Calais, left after him.

I was quite fascinated at her explanations and slides, but when we entered the exhibit hall, I truly felt the impact of seeing this 1908 model study of Jean d’Aire, one of the Burghers, when I saw it in real life in 3D, rather than on a screen in 2D.

Yes, it’s a large bronze, dark, but it was well lighted to show the contours. Yet in its larger-than-life size, Rodin chose not to add extra detail. He let you explore it, so you want to observe it longer, and get the total effect.


The LinkedIn hook, you wonder?

Plan, study, and execute your various LinkedIn sections piece by piece, so one part goes with the others. Make a reader want to go from the 2D version of your career story on the electronic screen to the 3D version of meeting you, observing you, allowing you to have a visual and intellectual impact on their needs, thoughts, and impressions. Let them impute in real life the details from your delivery of conversation with them.

Be artistic in all you do to show in your career story on LinkedIn why you do what you do.

Perhaps you are not a Rodin, and I am not either, but you and I have our own style and approach to how we each want to be cast, spotlighted, displayed, recalled, and referred. 

And hired and rehired.  

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