barbell-1839087_1920You read something on LinkedIn and you think, “Hmmm, that’s cool. I think I’ll let the originator/author/sharer know that I approve/agree/think it’s notable.”

You made a decision. Your next step? Your best way of showing appreciation? Well, I have an opinion on that topic!

While your mouse is hovering over “like” why not go just one extra second of caring time and click “comment.”


(Heck, if you really want to go good-crazy, share it with a person, a few individuals, or a group! Be sure you choose wisely; no “boy crying wolf”!)

In many cases, LinkedIn has already added some appropriate language there, which you can use, but why not add to it? Or strike out with a completely fresh, personal message to show you really care. A couple of recent examples:

1. In the case of a work anniversary, today, I applauded a former client by adding “Brava” to the LinkedIn-initiated “Congrats on your work anniversary!”


It took about 3 seconds and I did it on the elliptical trainer at the gym. Multitasking, right?

2. Yesterday a colleague commented on another colleague’s post and I commented on both, adding some value to their conversation as the “buttinsky” (my mother’s term) that I am,


because they didn’t cover it and I had something to contribute, as a fellow LinkedIn coach and trainer. It keeps me top of mind with colleagues when I add my 2 cents. And they thanked me for it.

So add to the conversation. Put some energy behind your persona, as a thought leader and contributor of valuable, useful material for others to benefit from. They will appreciate it.

It is not heavy lifting. 

Invest your time. It’s called branding.