screechEmail is an effective marketing tool for many purposes. In last week’s marketing fail episode, I responded to an email from my existing oil company for an offer they ran for a standby home power generator. I filled in a web form, and within minutes, I was on the phone with a telemarketing sales rep who told me that David W. would be calling me to follow up.

Within minutes. Like two. Very impressive. And I am not easily impressed…

Then it happened. At the end of the call, she said, “If David doesn’t call you by the end of the day, take down this number and call him. Do you have a pencil handy?” 

{Cue the mental screeching of brakes!}

{Now cue the sound of my marketing finger wagging and eyes crossing as I advised:} “If I don’t hear back from him by th eend of the day I will assume he is not interested in my business.”

Pontifically speaking, one way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to act on sales referrals and leads in a very timely manner. Lamentably, immediate response or within the same day is almost unheard-of these days. And be sure to profusely thank the referrer, I might add.

One way to lose the admiration of a potential client and that referrer is to not follow through, or worse, put the monkey on the client’s back to contact you; yes, you the service provider.

Being client-centric is how I operate. My tagline: “I exceed expectations.” Clients agree and routinely quote my motto back to me. It’s why I do what I do. Calls and emails answered in minutes. Hands held, complaints fielded and resolved, I live up to my tagline.

What’s yours?

And do you say it in your LinkedIn profile?

And do others recommend you as a result?