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Weighty situations

weight on shoulders

There are times in your entrepreneurial career (or corporate one at that!) when you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, or you don’t know where to turn to get an answer to a rather meaty question.

(The photo of this carving is from my recent visit to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, in what is the elegant Bendel Mansion (yes that NYC department store Henri Bendel), where the original architect incorporated male and female carved figures into the posts supporting the ceiling.)

The image inspired me to write here about how too many professionals go it alone, without another/other expert/s to ask questions, explore possibilities, reconfirm a solution.

LinkedIn is such a powerful vehicle to offer you the opportunity to ask over 645 million global professionals (newest statistic) anything you need to know. Or need to confirm.

Here’re a few places on LinkedIn to ask:

  • place a post on your home page asking an open-ended question that will elicit the answer(s) you seek and open conversation for a follow-up question from your connections; use hashtags in your message so the question has maximum reach to those who have previously identified those hashtags for inclusion in their news feed.
  • re the above, be sure to ask them to share with others for optimal coverage and responses.
  • ask within the Groups you belong, being sure you ask the right Groups (yes, ask in more than one) based on the subject matter; it’s probably an issue they have faced or at least wondered about
  • query specific connections by messaging them within LinkedIn: ask the experts
  • research key words in the search function, isolating the search to content by others in the past; perhaps this has been covered before
  • finally, if you really have a tough situation, weave the history of how you got to this point and ask your question in a long-form article, again, use using hashtags in the title and at the point you publish it.

(If I left out a LinkedIn place to look, let me know.)

Your inquiry is limited only by imagination and your need to know, fed by your readers’ sincere desire to assist. This is social media, right?

If you have had success in this type of effort on LinkedIn, please message me to tell me how well you fared. 


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