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Have a great holiday weekend

laborday.jpgThis is Labor Day weekend in the USA.

You are probbaly not reading this anyhow. That’s OK, but if you are, let me know.

I am wishing my South Florida colleagues and readers safety and security in the upcoming hurricane Dorian.

I will see you on Tuesday next week, when we get serious again about business in September and aim at the end of the year, in the shadow of a possible recession. If you seek some guidance on that topic, have a look at my latest LinkedIn article.

Enjoy, relax, be safe, and have fun. 

2 thoughts on “Have a great holiday weekend”

  1. I read it! Lol Have a safe weekend!

    Thanks for connecting!

    – Rob Thomas
    Founder, Networking in Diners,
    Creator of the Rob Thomas Method (RTM)
    and Author of “Who Do You NEED To Meet?”

    (203) 641-1714


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