Today's LinkedIn Nugget

As far as I can see


Better late than never…sorry for the delay in posting this today.

I wish I could tell the future of what LinkedIn has in store for us. Microsoft, as expected, has initiated a number of changes, some good, some anemic. Certainly more are coming.

As far as I can see, the future for LinkedIn should be blooming, so why not relent and learn to use it best now, before the next changes make it even harder to learn to use?

Once upon a time we all sat down to a computer and launched into learning Word. Now it’s second nature to us. and it changes too, radically sometimes, subtly others. The same sowing of the seeds of learning can be extrapolated to LinkedIn.

Embrace it. Appreciate it, especially after you harvest a piece of business from it, in whole or in part. Till it often so you don’t get rusty.

Just do it.

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