Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Is your #LinkedIn profile a perfect reflection of you?


It’s hard, no–really hard–to paint your self-portrait on LinkedIn.

It takes planning, evaluation, segmentation, wordsmithing, and self-confidence to write about yourself in an honest reflection: where you came from, how it shapes you today, and your aspirations for the future.

Past-present-future. You’ve heard me pontificate on this before here.

No one can say it as well as you can, but don’t let that keep you from trying. That story needs a number of edits and changes as you morph along your career journey.

This town (Westport, CT) and its reflection on the Saugatuck River pictured above were not created in one sitting. It took years, generations, decades, centuries to plan its best angles and importance to attract others. And extra time to clean up the river to make it picture perfect.

You can do that too. Don’t rush it. Write, rewrite, and tell us your very best way possible.

You can, and should, do it!

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