Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Less is not more (so give it 100%)


Have you bought a half-gallon of ice cream recently?

It’s not a half gallon anymore; less of the good stuff for the same (or more) price as before.

Is less more?

Do you tell your story on LinkedIn, soup to nuts? Top to bottom? Where you came from and how that makes you whom you are today with a glimmer of what you will be in the future? What you learned in your career, how you can use that experience today, and how you can apply it future in your future?

Tell your entire rich career story.

Spellbind the casual reader so he/she spends a little bit more time on your LinkedIn profile than your competitor’s.  Add supplemental materials and graphics, recommendations, smarter skill sets, whatever it takes to make your profile reflect the real you.

BTW, 2 quarts = ½ gallon.

Be the full package. People only hire the full person, not 25% less.


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