finger pointedWell, mostly.

Our parents used to harangue us, “do as I say.” And we smart kids began to observe, question, criticize, and realize they were not necessarily examples to emulate and do as they did. Parents are human, after all…

I try to be a good example of what to do on LinkedIn to my clients, to multipreneurs, to others whom I throw back the curtains and show my profile in my presentations.

I am human, and I have made more than one mistake in my life…

  • Have I found a typo in my profile while it is splashed on a wide screen when I am pontificating against typos? Absolutely. Not my finest moment.
  • Have I failed to follow my own rules and invite someone to connect without sending a note of introduction / how we can help each other, etc.? Yup, but it’s not something I brag about. Most don’t even notice, but that doesn’t make it right.
  • Have I made every point I cover exceedingly clear, has it been well-presented, so the reader is compelled to contact me to investigate ways to collaborate? I try to be fascinating.

Their incentive to call or email or text me is dependent on a lot of external factors but knowing the number of people who look at my profile, not all of them, by a long shot, contact me. 

What I love is returning to the office after a talk and getting a message from an attendee, “I looked at my profile and was properly horrified. I have some work to do.”

I’m with you…I do too. So do we all. Please try to do what I say, as well.