Not me anytime soon, I’m having too much fun! But I am now of that age that many of my contemporaries are retiring.

First a true story: Recently a high schoolmate of mine had a work anniversary that appeared on my LinkedIn home page and I wished him congratulations on another fruitful year.

He replied, “Oh I recently retired. I better change my LinkedIn profile asap.”

Oh. I guess so. So I looked an hour later and sure enough, he had changed his title to “retired professor,” though ordinarily this change would not be high on his retirement “to-do’s” but I am glad I was the catalyst to make that quick change. mBut I wish he had said more.

Like what’s next inhis career story? He has so much to offer, as a career professor in a business school at a recognized university.

I wonder, riffing off the photo above, is it too soon for him to be retired?

That gets me to this unashamed ad for my new e-course “LinkedIn for Baby Boomers and Other Encore Career Seekers.”

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Boomers have so much to offer the workplace. They just need to know how to look for a job or waltz into that next step in their career, 2019 style!