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Running cool on #LinkedIn

car interior air conditioner
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It’s 98 degrees in the shade, 98% humidity and you’re sweltering, not feeling motivated or creative, just blah. Sticky and unmotivated.

Or it’s 72 degrees in front of the air conditioner, humidity lowered, and you are feeling energized. Refreshed, ready for anything.

Most LinkedIn profiles are the moist, clammy type. The writer has done the minimum to get by. A resume on electrons, as I call it.

Your profile needs to be (air) conditioned into something cool, breezy, refreshingly interesting, warranting clicks to see more about you, contact you.

Are you ready to take in fresh views and cool air and let me coach you?

The fall is a great time to regenerate that profile.

You never know who stopped by your old profile, felt uncomfortable, and left, never to return.

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