Today's LinkedIn Nugget

News and soundbites on #LinkedIn


Have news to spread? Don’t keep it to yourself. Tell us!

Hint at it before it breaks and drip it into your home page slowly:

  • Five days until…
  • In two days I’ll reveal…
  • Tomorrow, get ready for…
  • It’s finally here…

Keep us wanting to know more. Then make the “grand reveal” and we will have been satiated. Make us understand how monumental this news is by making it information that we will want to remember and use when needed. Be in the reader’s memory radar for pings later. If appropriate, ask us to help you spread the word. Call them to action, like contacting  you.


Soundbites, as in “native” video on LinkedIn, is memorable for its rarity and when it is constructed correctly, for its impact. Have a script in mind, have a background that will easily explain the context and let it rip. If you don’t like it, shoot it again.

Then release the native video to LinkedIn with a brief explanation of what the viewer is about to see, so he/she can best appreciate it.

So tell us.

As I always say, if you don’t tell us, we will never know.