People come and go.

People age out of their position and retire. (Unfortunately they die while still working too. And I have too many in mind as I write this.)

In a robust economy, the revolving door seems to swish especially quickly.

In some industries, the expectation is a rather short tenure.

Change is good, but sometimes it’s bittersweet to see someone move on whom you relied on for movement forward, unusually productive times for both parties. When a consultant feels part of the team, it brings about noteworthy advancements. That process has to then be restarted.

The notice comes by email, phone or not at all.

The LinkedIn twist? You can remain in touch with that person, no matter where he or she goes via LinkedIn.

Though it was me who moved on, I have managed to retain communications with a contingent of great Latin American colleagues from 18 years ago, strictly through LinkedIn. We reconnect every work anniversary, so it’s always a warm feeling.

Keep the fires burning. You never know when you can reconnect more directly and make the embers advance from glowing to roaring.

Your network is your net worth, right?