ethicsEven if you are not a lawyer, read this.

Bar associations have many ethics rules and I will not try to summarize them here. Your bar association will gladly help you with this.

A conservative approach might be to use this language at the end of your About section:

Disclaimers: In some states this information is considered attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes. Conversations on LinkedIn do not create an attorney-client relationship.

For the rest of us non-lawyers, there are important lessons here as well.

LinkedIn is brand marketing, a form of advertising.

Never promise the moon and stars and mislead a prospective client or customer that the same endpoint will achieve the same results each time.

Finally, LinkedIn 1 to 1 messaging should be considered nonbinding (take the conversation to email or a phone call as warranted) and it is private with the other party; nonetheless, be careful what you say.

No matter your field of work, you have a reputation to preserve. Be smart and careful about how you project it especially on LinkedIn, please.