tunnelSomeone had to plan and build this iconic Vermont covered bridge.

Someone else had to get a road to and from it.

A lot of someones contributed.

You had the confidence to take advantage of this convenience to go from light, through darkness, back to light again, over the river.

Your career journey, as only you can tell it on LinkedIn, is composed of a lot of someones you met, had an influence on you, whom you may never meet again, yet you want to stay in touch. And they want to keep contact with you too.

Perhaps you should can call on them to add their color commentary on your work.

Your career journey is so much more vibrant when these contributors relate a story or anecdote from a time past where you proved yourself especially well.

They can tell that story for you. You can jog their memory, ask them to write a recommendation, and bring the reader of your profile over the river to the other side to make you a most compelling candidate to hire.

A recommendation by others who say how well you do your why is a process.

Start it. Build the classic bridge and cover it with comments on why you, from the POV of others.