Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: How to personalize your Linkedin URL

Graphics are in order to demonstrate this one-time task that makes you look so much more accomplished and detail-oriented to casual readers of your profile.

Follow these 4 steps personalize your URL. Keep reading below for places to use it.


Now use it:

  • Next time you reprint your business cards, include it there!
  • Add to your email signature.
  • Marketing materials, proposals, slide decks, handouts, articles, etc.
  • On your resume / bio / CV too.

Mine is Your name by itself may not be available if taken by someone else previously.

Be careful what you ultimately choose; it’s yours for life.

Beware using a middle initial as it is hard to differentiate form a different last name (for example, in is my last name halpert or whalpert?)

Consider adding a dash or underscore between your first name and last name, or end it with a number after your name to be unique. Or “cpa” or “esq” as the case may be.

Now you know. Just do it please?