The life of a multipreneur means a rollercoaster ride of successes and disappointment, of tech glitches (yesterday’s blog post spoke about especially good examples), and quiet reflection on how to improve.

I have to be resilient. I have to be patient as I wait for a decision on a proposal, or three, or ten that are in limbo. I have to juggle the fine line of being anxious and being too lax and find the Goldilocks “just right” to nudge my contact to move the approval along.

And the deafening silence of “no response” is frustrating:

  • Is it because they are not ready?
  • Or that they moved on and don’t acknowledge that you are off the consideration list?
  • Or that they have other priorities that took precedence and do not share your exuberance to get the deal done?
  • Or anything is possible in between, including illness, death in the family, or vacation this time of year, that disrupts usual timelines?

Resilience needs to be bottled, stored, and popped open for those times when a swig of optimistic fortitude is in order. Yes, my fellow multi- and entrepreneurs, we must persevere. Resiliently!

No LinkedIn tie-in today, just musings on a topic we can all relate to. The boss said it was ok…

And wait til you see what I have for you tomorrow…