I am pleased to announce that I will live-stream a Q&A podcast session for’s Solopreneurs community on 7/23 at 100-230pm. It’s their first LinkedIn-themed Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and I call it “How the heck do I {…} on LinkedIn?”

From the promo:

I have no agenda for this session; no prepared remarks. This session is all yours–designed to answer your LinkedIn questions. I have offered these Q&A sessions elsewhere and the response has been amazing. I not only answer your questions on “how to” but I add a heavy layer of brand marketing “why” ideas to make your profile, and thus you, shine.

Bottom line: Would you buy from you based on what you see in your LinkedIn profile? No? Then you need to ask me questions. Yes? You still need to ask me questions!

And, if you are multipreneurial like me (I own 3 solo businesses) you will pick up some of my special sauce tips on how to tell the story of your diverse interests best. If you are not, you’ll still come away with some unique a-ha’s!

Send me your questions on how to:

  • Keep the reader’s attention in your profile
  • Add multimedia (especially video!) to accent your narrative, and where
  • Cull through your connections, leaving only the best ones to associate with
  • Manage and receive the best recommendations every time
  • Overcome the pull to subscribe to a premium LinkedIn service, when you often don’t have to
  • Or, just ask me “how the heck do I {…} on LinkedIn?”

The energy in this group is amazing, and I know that as a charter member. I expect the questions in the podcast will be laser-pointed and a fun session with much for me to share with my colleagues all over.

You can join too, as long as you qualify and register. There are member benefits beyond educational events such as mine. I received a free subscription to Inc. magazine, for example. There are networking events in large cities too!

And better, as a member of this illustrious community, you have daily access: you can pose questions, answer others’ queries, promote your upcoming events, and help fellow solopreneurs with their journey, which often can feel solitary (the “solo” in solopreneur) unless there’s a platform for us, and this is just the place!

And if you can’t attend my live session, no worries, as a community member you can replay the recording later.

So get those burning questions ready and pop them at me–live–or you can send them through the community so they await me and I’ll cover as many as 90 minutes will allow!