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A CTA will CYA

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You pour your heart out on LinkedIn, yet you get little back. You can’t keep doing that without getting frustrated. So CYA and add a CTA (call to action).

Have you been offering your readers a CTA?

It can be as simple as a finishing comment: “what do you think?” or “have you faced this and how did you beat it?” or “know anyone who can help?”

That creates a dialog, or at least asks for sincere input. Not everyone will bite, but the ones that do are enthused enough to offer their experience, referral, or moral support.

Now you’ve got a hot one on the fishing line.

Be sure to respond to the hungry nibbles you get too, a CYA advisory. Look and be appreciative. Thank yous are in order.

And it gets better…coming soon to a LinkedIn screen near you will be a button you can add to a post or a company page so the reader can:

  • Contact you
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit a website.

Then the immediacy of the CTA is captured more readily and you get noticed for the comment or advisory you have added to the global conversation that is LinkedIn.

Stay tuned. (That in itself is a CTA, building excitement!)


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