Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Them’s the breaks, and not good ones


Don’t break up with LinkedIn. It’s a lifetime relationship. Always keep it up to date and well-stocked with your progress, observations, and newsworthy commentary.

Tell us about yourself. No one else will.

That means you have to nurture it. Yes, it takes work.

Or it withers, and when it does, you suffer. Your reputation or your specific capability has to be easily recalled. Because not being active on LinkedIn means no one thinks about you when a referral could use your skills and capabilities, and you must tell why you make a difference that will get you that gig (or whatever new work or project or sale you seek).

So when this article came across my screen (and it mostly refers to people who break up with Facebook–but plenty of others do the same with LinkedIn and other social media platforms), it got me thinking.

It reminds me of so many professionals I come across who say their profile petrified, stuck from an era long ago: an earlier less sophisticated life form, not evolved to the present tense of your career, no progress shown, not memorable for your current and future talent and capability, just a skeleton embedded in the rocks. Not how you want to be remembered, right?

So I refer you back to the top 2 paragraphs of this blog post. Feed the LinkedIn beast to keep it loyal.


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