sparklers-407702_1920Eighteen years ago I left the bumper car / cocoon of big corporate life, another every 5 year regular but disruptive step in my history of changing jobs.

Willingly, I left an officer position in the billion-dollar company when it was sold to a foreign corporation and altho they asked me to move overseas, I had to decline.

So I forged out, in my own independent way.

The early days of my entrepreneurial freedom were damned frightening, and worse when 9/11 stunned the national conscience and shocked the economy in the worst ways. Income aside, my self-doubt began to grow. Yes it was lonely, and frustrating, yet my adventure freed me from old demons. I persevered, remaking myself, branding myself, igniting new skills, and learning quite a bit of what I enjoy doing most, and here I am today.

I love my sparkling independence, 365 days a year. I hope you do too, or perhaps you will someday if that is in the cards for you.

Happy Independence Day long weekend to my USA readers. The blog resumes on July 8th.