cleaning up questionsWe are bombarded with data and ideas. All day, night, every day, all year. New ideas to absorb, older ones to master more fully. Some are antiquated (like rolodexes), quaint reminders of another pre-internet tech era, yet so pure and practical that it is hard to part with their contents. Yet technology eventually takes the upper hand, when you let it…when you can control it….

I came across an article in the NY Times about how to take control over your multiple online contact lists. Perhaps it will help you. I know I have much to do in this area!

For some people (most of us, myself included!) that LinkedIn connection list can use pruning too. I cull regularly, as when I see a work anniversary or new job announcement of someone whom I do not recognize, but connected with at a previous point in time.

Or my cutting “follows” with a company I was interested in for what was then a good reason, but no longer. So I unfollow that company profile page.

The same with no-longer-relevant hashtags I once followed, and ditto for groups I joined but no longer need to participate in.

The best way to keep a clear professional persona is to continually maintain a clear LinkedIn profile. It’s fast; I do think each through, one by one, daily.

In all cases, it was the right thing to do, a whole lot easier piecemeal than sitting down to a massive list to peruse.

I suggest you take this blog post as an reminder and an opportunity to do as I say, not necessarily as I always do. But I am always working on it with you, so let’s make this a continuous effort.