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videoIf a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million.

I tested a once-a-week-videochat group with other professionals. The aim is to get everyone comfortable with video as a brand marketing resource.

I am well-seasoned in this, but I can always do better, so I like to practice.

LinkedIn is rolling out LinkedIn Live for this very reason, and to get it you have to apply for it, as of now. This will change. Apply and once approved, practice; be ready to broadcast when you are approved.

Know how to operate video on your laptop and mobile devices. Practice.

It is stunning how video can freak professionals out to the point that they freeze or blabber in 3 minutes what should have been a well-honed branding message (note: make sure it is well rehearsed!) Practice, practice.

Performing and/or speaking in front of a camera is expected today. If you are not at ease with your video delivery, one way may be to calendarize a practice weekly among others who share similar lack of experience. Misery loves company. Practice, practice, practice.

Be ready for your closeup when you videochat with Ms. deMille!

2 thoughts on “Videocomfortability”

  1. Thank you for acknowledging this topic. I definitely know I need help with video/screen communication. I will take your suggestion to practice on my own and with my friends. Now do you have any tips on what to do to look better on screen? I’m never happy with my on-screen appearance.

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